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The ego, which arises from the experience of Self in the not-self the physical body or any one of its constituents, is responsible for the fruits of actions clinging to an embodied being and causing suffering to him. The ego is conceptual as it arises from the superimposition of the Self on the not-self but the I experience which a spiritual seeker has after the realisation of his true divine nature is a non-intellectual experience. To put it in the language of non-dual Saivism, the recognition of his true nature is a non-intellectual experience and free from thought constructs nirvikalpa.

This experience belongs to a different domain beyond the grasp of the intellect or mind. Both merit and demerit, produced from the performance of pious or sinful deeds by an unenlightened embodied individual, have their seat in the intellect of the doer and as such are conceptual in nature. One who has succeeded in rising above ignorance or mnya and realised the true illumination-nature of his self, is not touchedby the effects of merit of demerit. A realised spiritual seeker exists on a plane which is far above the level of the intellect. This is the supreme experience that a spiritual seeker can have after realising his Siva-nature.

The manifested universe does not disappear from his view’ after he realises his true nature but rather it is experienced as the divine glory as the Lord. This view is exactly opposite to that held by the Advaita Vedanta school of Sankara and by the dualist Samkhya Yoga school. Compare this with the well known saying in the Upanisads dvitiydd vai bhayam bhnvati BrhadSranyaka…

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