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See Krishna’s words to Arjuna in the Yoga GIM chapter Spiritual masters, especially the Saiva writers, look upon their physical body as an abode of God, a temple sanctified by the presence of God within their physical frame. They not only see God within themselves but in all other living creatures and they therefore pay due respect to them. The performance of sacrifice homa was looked upon by the Vedic people as a symbolic act as it consisted of an external rite and also as a subtle inner symbolic rite in which no gross objects are offered to the consciousness fire for one’s spiritual elevation. Abhinavagupta interprets the performance of sacrifice in the inner spiritual terms as a symbolic act on the part of a spiritual seeker.

Repetition of the holy name of God or of another mantra with the inhaling and exhaling of breath, which involves the movement of the vital breath, is looked upon as highest kind of jajM, technically called ajapa japa. The author gives the inner meaning of the observance of vrala austerity in symbolic terms. One who is aware of the inner meanings of homa, japa and vrala can use these for his spiritual elevation, otherwise their performance remains a dead ritual. On attaining the supreme spiritual wisdom, the universe does not disappear but is then experienced as the Lord’s self-extension, the embodiment of his divine glory. The non-dual Saivites mention four distinct means of spiritual discipline commensurate with the intensity of the divine grace received by the spiritual seekers, their capacity, and their inclination.

The supreme goal, the realisation of one’s divine Siva nature accompanied by the manifestation of all the divine powers, can be reached all at once or in gradual steps depending on the intensity of the divine grace received..

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