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Fear arises from the experience of duality in this world. The reference here is to the early Vedic notion that the attainment of heaven was looked upon as the coveted ideal. Heaven was regarded as an abode full of happiness without death and old age. This ideal was rejected and surpassed in Upanisadic times as seen in the Kathopanisad. The attainment of immortality in this very life replaced the attainment of heaven as the ultimate goal.

The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir hold that the goal of life is achieved when a spiritual seeker is able to destroy the shackles ensnaring him and thus rising above the confining body consciousness he experiences his all-pervasive illumination nature fully endowed with all the divine powers. The term Brahman is used here and in the rest of the text in the sense of all pervasive reality. There is a striking resemblance between the Vedic ideal of amrtatva immortality and the jiuan mukta enjoyment of liberation in an embodied condition. The classical example of the enlightened being who exists in an embodied condition is King Janaka, mentioned in the Brluidaranyakn Upanifttd. Vedic rituals are conducted by brahmin priests who are well versed in the conduct of rituals.

These brahmin priests are engaged by the sacrificer yajamSm to perform the rituals for which he receives remuneration. Hence the performer or agent of the sacrifice is the sacrificer and not the priest who was commissioned to do the job. In Sanskrit the verb yajali derived from the root yuf is used in active voice to denote action on the part of the sacrificer-priest on behalf of himself; and the same verb is used in passive voice to denote action by the sacrificer-priest on behalf of another, the yajamlna sacrificer The word Brahmin is used here in the sense of the one who has firmly established himself in his pure Siva nature. A python is said to eat indiscriminately all food that he comes across. In the same way a yogin observing the python vow accepts any food that is offered to him just to meet the demands of his physical body.

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