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Such a one becomes liberated at once, and also liberates others. How can one who has placed his Self in the supreme Being attaining union remember the moment of his union with the supreme at the time of his physical death, or in other words, who can have the experience of the last moment before death of a knower of the true Self? This last moment is witnessed exclusively by him, and thus it cannot be remembered or known by another person at a later moment. Such an experience of the true Self by the illuminated knower cannot be subsequently known or remembered by anyone. As a matter of fact, the answer with respect to these matters should be sought from the omniscients. When an individual who has attained the highest wisdom dies, there is the cessation of all activity in his physical body.

How can one then infer that the moment of his death was either auspicious or not? It is thus established that the supreme Being, existing in the innermost part of the enlightened individual, causes his mind to be filled with the knowledge of his Self. He then remembers his body as inert like a piece of wood or stone at the time of actual death. As has been said: O Ndrada, the beings who are physically active lin their lives remember me at the time of departure from this world. I also remember them as being like an inert piece of wood or stone lat that time. Also thus spoke the Lord in the Laksrnl SamhitH: That devotee, who while in his fully fit body, remembers my universal nature in his still mind after the achievement of the equilibrium of the three humours, wind, bile, and phlegm but who then dies when his body becomes inert like a piece of wood or stone is remembered by me and taken to the highest place, the abode of Visrtu.

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