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His veiling by the form of the physical body is a result of the defilements, Unava, mUytya, and karma malas, which are due to ignorance about the true nature of the Self. This ignorance is destroyed following the transmission of true spiritual wisdom by the spiritual teacher, and thus the veiling in the form of the physical body is virtually destroyed. How then could such a body cause anguish to the enlightened one? He then becomes liberated immediately upon receiving the highest spiritual wisdom about his divine nature from the true spritual teacher. As has been said in the thousand-versed Kularatna malikS: When the true spiritual teacher gives instructions about the true Self to the disciple, he is immediately liberated, but he retains his physical body mechanically like a machine. It has also been said in the Sri NiiOtana ITantra: One attains union with the divine Being once and for all like the flow of milk from I the udders of a cow or an arrow from the bow.

Yoga 360 schedule for percent of children, respectively, are compelled to work. In India, to take one example, child labor is utilized in at least different industries, including agriculture, brick making, cigarette rolling, stonecutting, and textile production. An alarming number of children are exploited as part of the sex trade. For example, at the age of seven, Sreypov Chan’s mother sold her to a brothel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Until she escaped at the age of ten, she was beaten, raped, shocked with a loose electrical wire, chained and caged, gang-raped, burned, and whipped with metal cables. Her story, which received attention thanks to coverage in Western media, is just one among many. It is estimated that there are child prostitutes in Phnom Penh alone, and more than million worldwide. Yoga 360 schedule photos, Yoga 360 schedule 2016.

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