Yoga 30 minutes

The meaning and importance of the Lotus postures are outlined at the conclusion of the 27th Dely

4 This is the simple cross-legged posture It will be used by students who find the

more advanced Lotus positions too difficult

Cross ankles and hold them firmly

p Pull ankles in as far as possible Sit erect but not rigid Rest wrists on knees Lower eyelids

O Preparation for the Half Lotus Extend both legs straight outward

A Hold left foot firmly Place left foot and heel as illustrated Heel is in as far as possible Foot rests against (not under) right thigh

C Bring right foot in

Hold right foot with both hands Place foot on left thigh or in fold of left leg (whichever is more comfortable)

If this position is not as yet possible, revert to the simple cross-legged posture Sit erect but not rigid (very important)

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