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Yoga 105 santa barbara for esa forests Desertification Desertification, the degradation of land in dry areas, is one of the world’s major global environmental problems, and the subject of a major United Nations convention along with climate change and biodiversity. Land degradation is a long-term process resulting from human overuse and can occur anywhere in the world. Desertification is regarded as a distinct phenomenon because dry areas are highly susceptible to degradation, which can be accelerated during drought periods. Background The origins of the modern concept of desertification can be traced to the mid-s. The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP implemented a UN General Assembly resolution by coordinating the world’s response to a drought that had afflicted the Sahel region of West Africa since But in doing so UNEP transformed a problem resulting from the natural hazard of drought into one that also included human land degradation. Yoga 105 santa barbara photos, Yoga 105 santa barbara 2016.

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