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Yoga 1 to 1 for Many thousands of scientists are involved in researching the complex interactions of solar insolation, changes in the earth’s orbit, and near-surface weather patterns that interact with greenhouse-gas levels to influence climate. What they have found is that the level of carbon dioxide in the lower atmosphere will soon reach parts per million ppm, much above the to ppm that has governed the ice age and interglacial cycles of the last years. The present level is higher than any reading since roughly to million years ago, when the earth had very little long-lived ice and sea levels were much higher than today, on the order of almost feet meters. The geophysical basics have convinced an overwhelming majority of scientists that a steadily warming climate will create large-scale problems for humankind in coming years, though a small minority rejects this consensus. While global warming has become a subject of considerable political controversy, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have no politics, say scientists they respond solely to geophysical conditions. Measuring Climate Change The actual effects of greenhouse-gas emissions do not take place instantly. Through thermal inertia, the effects of a given level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere become evident only after about a half century. Yoga 1 to 1 photos, Yoga 1 to 1 2016.

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