Yoga for Study of the human skull to determine behavior and character is called phrenology. This drawing shows areas of the skull that determine such aspects of behavior as combativeness behind the ear and individuality just above the nose. DREAMS foretell the future or explain the past. These include interpreting the heavenly bodies astrology, the earth geomancy, the human body somatomancy including the hand palmistry or chiromancy, liver hepatoscopy, and head shape phrenology and systems of numbers or values numerology and Ching. A third classification system is based on the communicative role of divination in human-supernatural interaction. From this perspective, all divination methods can be placed in three general categories without human experimentation, involving human experimentation, and verbal communication. Divination without human experimentation requires the diviner to interpret supernatural signs and includes astrology, augury, somatomancy, and dream interpretation. Yoga photos, Yoga 2016.

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