Wrist Pain Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Yoga

In today’s episode of DeskTop Yoga series, we are going to look to see what we could do for the wrists. It’s a part of the body that gets extremely stiff if you are going to be working on the laptop the whole day. Stretch your arms in the front and start to rotate the wrists. And in the reverse direction. If you are spending a lot of time on the keyboard and that’s ensuring that the wrists get stiff.

The second is to just flex the wrists up and down. People working a lot of time on the desktop are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a very painful condition. So ensure that you keep it flexed. The last exercise and this is something you can do every evening at the end of your day’s work starting to blow out and forcefully throw out the fingers, releasing the tension and stress that has accumulated through the day, working on the keyboard. At home, if you want, you could take a smiley ball and compress it or even better would be to dip a small hand towel in water and wring it dry. it dry..

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