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Workout poses on Siva rules the susumna, Hari (Visnu) rules the ida, whilst Brahma rules the pingala. Post 6 of Darsana offers detailed comments on pranayama practice. Yogakundall Breath (prana) and memories/impressions (vasana) keep the mind active. The means to bring the former (hence both of them) to a standstill are threefold: temperance in food, assuming the proper posture, and arousing the sakti. Considerable detail is provided on the three bandhas: mula, uddlyana and jalandhara as a means of manipulating prana and apana for the purpose of awakening and directing the kundalind. Significant space is also given over to the kechard vidya (knowledge of the ethereal regions). One who utters the kechard mantra (Hrdm, Bham, Sam, Mam, Pam, Sam, Ksam) 500,000 times a day for 12 days will succeed in the kechari yoga, which destroys wrinkles and grey hair. Workout poses 2016.

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