Wide Legged Seated Forward Bend – Upavistha Konasana

Wide Legged Seated Forward BendUpavistha Konasana

Main benefit – Opens the inside of the legs.

1. Start by sitting on the floor or upon some folded blankets (recommend the folded blankets for this one).

2. Bring your legs out wide to about 90% of your capacity.

3. Start by bringing your hands onto the floor behind your back.

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Inhale to lengthen your spine and draw your toes back; exhale to use your arms to draw your torso forward and down.

4. If you are new to this stretch then it is probably best to keep your hands behind your back to help you out. If you are more flexible, then bring your hands out in front of your body and use them to help you forward and down.

5. Take your time with this one. Use your breath to support you. You can experiment a little with this one by moving your torso slightly to the left or right to get a different kind of stretch in your inner legs. Stay as long as you like.

6. When ready to come out, simply draw yourself up back into a seated position and slowly draw your legs together.

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