Wide Legged Forward Bend – Upavistha Konasana

Wide Legged Forward Bend – Upavistha Konasana

Main benefit – Opens the channels on the inside of the legs and helps to re-orientate the hips.

1. Come to sit on your mat and spread the legs wide to about 90% of your capacity. If you have difficulty with this posture and find your back rounding and buttocks tucking under then place one or two folded blankets under your buttocks (slightly raising the hips in seated postures dramatically helps those with tight hips and hamstrings)

2. Now, bring your hands behind you onto the floor to help support a straight back. Sit up as straight as you can to get length in your spine and upper body.

3. Draw the toes back towards the head and gently pull the kneecaps up to activate your leg muscles.

4. When you are ready use your hands that are behind you to draw your chest forward. You can stay here if you feel a strong stretch already.

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3. If you want to go further bring the hands in front of you and while keeping the lower back long, allow your chest to lower towards the floor.

4. Make sure you keep your breath flowing and stay at the sot where you feel a good stretch occurring. Stay for at least 2 minutes, making slight adjustments as you deepen into the pose.

5. When you are ready to come out, use your hands to slowly draw your torso back up to a seated position. Release your legs by drawing them together and wrapping your arms around the legs to give yourself a hug.

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