What’s your am pm skincare routine?

What’s your am/pm skincare routine?

A cosmetologist told me that the ideal time to put on moisturiser is within two minutes of getting out of the shower. So that is one thing I am pretty disciplined about in the mornings. I also give my face a blast with a Clarisonic brush a few times a week which I find really invigorating for my skin.

How do you protect your skin in the Californian sunshine?

I’m a firm believer in treating and protecting skin from the inside out, and I’m utterly dedicated to slapping the sunscreen on, so I use SPF 50 on my face, dcolletage and backs of my hands everyday. I also have a shot of Udo’s oil in my juice or smoothie every morning – it’s the holy grail in terms of Omega oils 3, 6 and 9 and provides the right proportions for your body.

What would be your favourite product for a night out?

I’m big into lashes! My lash tip is to always use an eyelash curler. For added oomph, pop under a hairdryer for 5 seconds, followed by lashings of mascara.

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