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There’s a silver lining to new year excess – you get to wipe the slate clean in February. Here’s how to stay happy and healthy throughout the year. Don’t panic. The 90s may be making a resurgence in the fashion arena – double denim, Doc Martins, dungarees and other cringe-worthy clothes – but the health and fitness world is moving forward on a futuristic scale. In fact, not only have Jazzercise, TaeBo and sweatbands had their day, but Zumba, Pilates and Spinning also appear to have run their course. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently released its survey of the top 20 fitness trends set to soar in 2014 and none of these activities made the mark. Instead, rocking the top spots were the seriously tough HUT (high-intensity interval training) and bodyweight workouts. Clearly, today’s exerciser means business! Here’s everything else that will be keeping you fit and fabulous this year.

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Tutus at the ready? It’s no secret that ballerinas are in great shape, which may explain why ballet is booming among fitness fans today. ‘The new forms of ballet (think: ballet bootcamp, ballet yoga and ballet barre) make it more accessible to women who didn’t have a chance to twirl when they were young,’ says Nahid de Belgeonne, founder of Good Vibes Fitness and the new Glow Ballet Tone class {goodvibes.co.uk). ‘Ballet moves lengthen your body in a non-linear way, sculpting and toning your bottom, thighs, arms and core.’ Expect to follow the footsteps of barre-loving celebs including Madonna and Zooey Deschanel, and doing ballet fusion classes in dance-inspired gear.’ Try Barrecore (barrecore.co.uk) or Barre Burn at Equinox (equinox.com). What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


Feeling disillusioned with big-branch gyms?Fear not. Micro gyms – small, independently- owned spaces that specialise in one type of training, ranging from CrossFit to yoga – are taking over the gym scene, ‘Micro gyms arealready a big hit across the US and Australia, and the UK will also see a rise in their number this year,’ says Dave Kyle, head trainerat Les Mills (lesmills.com). They’re perfect for a specialised and unique workout environment.’ Want to give it a go? Head toTenPilates (tenpilates.com) or Cycle Beat (cyclebeat.co.uk).


Perfect your smug face, because 2014 willW W W W he the year proud exercisers start post­ing healthy selfies. The selfie taking a* photo ofyourselfand posting it online- is already a hit among those on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. Put celebs including Miranda Kerr, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and Lucy Mecklenburg h have recently taken to the net to post pictures of themselves working out and looking trim. Now it’s your turn. Photobrag. What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


Today’s fitbie wants more than a sfim figure – she wants the skills, strength and fitness to deal with everyday tasks, too. This is called functional fitness, and the latest gym kit – functional frames – makes it easy to achieve. With suspension systems, punch bags, resistance bands and other gear hanging off a large frame, these are exciting bits of kit. ‘Frames such as Technogym’s Omnia provide great functional training for strength, resistance, flexibility, coordination and speed,’ says Grant Powles, Technogym master trainer (technogym.com). ‘They offer endless exercise possibilities that ensure training stays fresh.’ Look out for the Omnia frame at select Virgin Active gyms (virginactive.co.uk). What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


It’s no coincidence that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and educated fitness professionals hold two of the top three spots on the ACSM fitness trend list,increasing number of fitness fans wantBecause an academic proof that their workout works. Other science-backed methods such as heart rate training have experienced a boom on the fitness class scene. ‘The desire to optimise cardio and resistance training is fuelling a demand for technology-aided fitness programmes,’ explains Rob Beale, David Lloyd Leisure’s head of sport. ‘Using heart rate monitors to track performance is emerging as a trend.’ David Lloyd Leisure’s heart rate-based Orangetheory class will roll out in 2014; davidlloyd.co.uk.


Good news! Your fitness plans aren ’! just helping you shape-up, they’re about to pay dividend at work, too. ‘Boozy lunches are so pre-credit crunch,’ says Sandy Mackaskill, co­owner of Barry’s Bootcamp London(barrysbootcamp.com). ‘More and more corporate deals are getting thrashed out over a post-workout endorphin high (aka sweat-working).’ Makes sense – it’s fun, time-saving and healthy! Why else do you think the financial markets are recovering? What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


Yogis, rejoice! Yoga made it into the lop IO fitness trends in 2014. But yoga isn’t the only ancient Eastern practice set to become huge over the coming months meditation and mindfulness are already showing signs of being more and more popular. With currentresearch revealing meditation can do almost anything, from slowing the ageing process to boosting productivity, more people are integratingmindfulness into business, social and sport plans. ‘Ommmm…


Here at H&F, we’re always talking about the importance of rest days. Now, do you (a) listen and chillax or (b) work out on your own because everyone else is a quitter? If you fall into the latter camp, try the latest recovery tool – a biofeedback device. The Omegawave, below (£68, plus £45 annual subscription; omegawave.com), tracks your cardio or muscular system to assess your readiness for activity. In minutes, you’ll know if you should train hard, easy or not at all.


Want to take care of your health this year? You’re in luck. There are hordes of new-age health gadgets hitting the shelves. Top of the list? Self-monitoring devices. ‘People are using science-based apps even more to motivate and inspire,’ says Andy Birch, head of wellbeing and exercise at Virgin Active. Digital monitoring devices now track everything from your sleep patterns to your blood pressure or daily calorie expenditure and upload the information to a mobile app. Noteworthy devices include Nike+ Fuelband SE (£129; nike. com) and Withings Smart Body Analyzer (£129.95; withings. com), an internet-connected scale that helps users track their weight, blood pressure, and the air quality in their house.


We may be too busy to eat an apple but we’re not too proud to pay someone to juice one for us! Juicing is a global phenomenon – and if it’s coid- pressed, even better, as it contains nutrients lost in ordinary juicing processes. ‘People will start becoming more conscious about their consumption of greens, and healthy cocktails, jam-packed with vital nutrients, will soar in popularity,’ says Kyle. Soforget three meals a day,all you need is a sludge­green blend at the bar – just ask the celebrities! What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


Like ta get fit with friends? In 2014, your workout buddy won’t have to be in the room with you. Research from Michigan State University in the US recently showed that those competing against a virtual buddy held the plank pose for 24 per cent longer than lone exercisers. Good news then that you can buy home kit to sync with virtual pals. ‘Interactive home equipment connects with social media, allowing people to enjoy these benefits without leaving the house,’ says David Lamb, product manager of interactive home gym brand, Kettler {kettierdirect.co.uk). We predict more home exercisers will be posting and sharing fitness goals online to compare their achievements with internet pals. Tempted? The Kettler S-Fit range includes a free-wheel indoor speed bike, cross-trainers and an upright exercise bike, from £1,199.


We Brits are addicted to sweating. First we fell in love with Bikram yoga – a structured sequence of yoga poses performed in a 105°F room – then we tried its cooler predecessor, hot power yoga. Now, we do everything from hot Pilates to hot barre workouts. ‘Sweating feels good physically, mentally and emotionally – it’s very cathartic. Brits are flocking to hot yoga,’ says Michele Pernetta, who brought Bikram yoga to the UK. This may explain why Pernetta has launched a new heated class – Fierce Grace. Consisting of five hot yoga classes – Core, Classic, Fierce Grace, Fierce and The Fix – Fierce Grace is the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility. Things are heating up around here; fiercegrace.com. What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


Newsflash! Sometimes life gets in the way of working out, Enter the active commute. Sitting down at work took the wrap in 2013 forgiving us poor posture, diabetes and other health nasties, but the cardio commute is setto change our ways. An increasing number ofpeople are choosing to walk, bike or run to work, rather than park their rears on the seat of a car, bus or train. ‘Integrating our workout regime into our daily commute will be on the rise in 2014,’ agrees Kyle. ‘There will be a real insurgence in people using their commute to get in shape. What’s Hot Fitnes In 2020


No ballet barre classes in your area? No problem! Thanks to the internet, it’s set to be super-easy to get a great workout with a top instructor. Pay-per-month subscription exercise sites are on the up, offering everything from training plans to workouts with celebrity PTs. ‘Virtual training gives people the power to choose, when and where they want to exercise?says Luke Walker, founder of online workout site, instructorlive.com. Log on to InstructorLive to access 100s of live, streamed and on-demand classes, from Pyjama Pilates to Ski Fit.


Another year, another host of hot classes to choose from. Here’s how we’ll be shaping up in 2021 GEAR 3D: Designed around the Technogym Omnia frame, this class is sure to produce results – fast! Expect 30 minutes of bodyweight and resistance exercises on a variety of kit. Just don’t expect a lot of rest in that time. Available at select Virgin Active gyms (virginactive.co.uk). THE JANUARY SHRED: Had one too many mince pies over Christmas? This online circuit class will soon blast those festive pounds. Using the high-intensity interval training method, January Shred is a high calorie burner designed to blitz fat. Available on instructorlive.com. BARREEXPRESS: Pushed for time? Head to barrecoreMAYFAIR in London for an express ballet-barre workout. This 30-minute session may be short and sweet but it will leave you feeling fully energised. Not London- bound? Visit barrecore.co.uk for an online class. RPM: Want to burn 675 calories in 45 minutes? Us too This fast-paced Spinning workout takes cyclists through hills, flats, time trials and interval training, all set to upbeat music. Visit lesmills.com to find a class and look out for Les Mills virtual workouts, set to launch in select gyms across the UK. SANDBELL GROUP FITNESS; Learn about the benefits of SandBells – sand-filled bags that come in a variety of weights – at this 45-minute class, which boosts endurance, power and speed. Not tough enough? Try the 30-minute circuit session to push to the max. Available at Fitness First gyms (fitnessfirst.co.uk). FPHYSIQUE57: Want to follow in the footsteps of Demi Moore, Denise Richards and Chrissy Teigen? We thought so! Then give this barre-based workout a go. Hot from Beverly Hills, Physique57 combines cardio with ballet to sculpt muscles. Access workouts at physique57.com.

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