What Makes Your Workshops And Sessions Unique?

What makes your workshops and sessions unique?

We re about living fully. This includes the full enjoyment of having an ego, of being a ME' for a human lifetime. The cornerstone of the workshops is that we have shut ourselves down so violently to fit in and be loved – we have let the approval addiction of our childhoods to scare us into suppressing and editing out huge alive parts of ourselves. These parts are full of power and creativity and soulful, touching information.

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Michelangelo said the David sculpture was already there within the rock, he was just moving the excess rock out of the way. I'm in the rock dissolving business.

Over the course of your career, which achievement are you most proud of?

The melting, homecoming and re-empowering of the 1000 or so folks who've joined me on the weekends.

What advice would you give readers that would help to unlock their potential? Really examine where you're hiding. Examine all your judgements of others – they are a map to your shutdown parts. Come and find me and laugh so tenderly and foolishly with your demons that they transform into allies, even employees!

Where is your career leading you in the near future?

I want to spread this message of lightening up and re-empowering ourselves far and wide. I'm in production on a few films – ‘Ubuntu Child' in Durban South Africa is about 35 kids with HIV being escorted to try a new treatment by 15 poets from around the world who write praise poems for them. Also a new film with Ram Dass about the shadow and all the things we condemn and reject being the real ashram. Finishing two albums, one of them. ?Internal Music For Dissolving' is coming out on Sounds True in. Also we are finally releasing the 2nd 1 Giant Leap film and album What About Me? ?

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Makeup Special.

This month we bring you a little makeup issue, with a look at some of the best brands for refreshing, applying and keeping that special look.

As we all know applying our makeup is one thing, keeping it on and staying fresh is another! Here are a couple of products that can definitely help refresh and stick!

Claudalie Beauty Elixir.

An absolute must for your morning preparation and one to keep in your handbag. It's great for spraying on the morning before applying moisturiser, but it’s also ideal for sprucing up throughout the day, re-moisturising that face and keeping it to its ultimate freshness. It smells divine, and contains grape, orange blossom, rose, balm mint and rosemary which helps tighten pores and smooth away fine lines and gives a wonderful boost of radiance. It's also perfect for men after shaving!

Earth science Herbal tonic.

Another excellent product for your handbag – this oil free moisturising and toning mist helps energise the skin and can be used in the morning and night. It's wonderful for using all over the body as its ultra-fine mist wakes up your skin, and with the highly effective extracts of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, comfrey and raspberry leaf, you can't go wrong with applying as much as you like. It’s also great for setting your makeup, using as an after sun and also for rosacea.

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