What Is Meditation?

Holding your breath, bring your right foot back to join the left, and straighten both legs. Your shoulders should stay over your wrists. Your arms should be vertical and your toes tucked under, with the trunk of your body slightly off the floor.

Exhaling, bend both your knees and elbows so that your toes and chest will touch the floor. Your rear will be slightly pushed into the air.

Inhaling, lower your body to the floor, keeping your arms at your sides, elbows bent.

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As your chest touches the floor, slowly lift your head back, and arch your upper back slightly. You are sustained by your hands and bent elbows. Don't straighten your arms or stress your spine. Hold.

Exhaling, use your arms and feet to arch your body up into a stretch. With the arms and legs straightened, your hands and feet stay on the floor. You are in an inverted V pose. Stretch and hold.

From the V bring your left leg forward and put the heel on the ground as if kneeling. Extend the right leg all the way back, keeping the knee and toes on the ground. (The right leg should be stretched back, with the top of your foot on the floor, toes stretched out. ) Inhale as your hips drop and the body lengthens.

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