What Happens During My Training?

What Happens During My Training?

You’ll learn about how your body works and responds to exercise in anatomy and physiology lessons, plus you’ll be taught all about the more practical side of teaching clients. Different courses will deliver the information in different ways.

‘At The Training Room, theoretical learning is tested with course work, online assessments and examinations, but there’s also a strong practical side. Everything we teach is transferable and can be practised and honed on the gym floor under the eye of expert tutors,’ says Doak. There are other aspects to the training, too. ‘A good

Lucie Cowan, 30, PT and Group Exercise Ambassador at Third Space (thirdspace.london)

‘Deciding to make a leap of faith and change my career path was the best decision of my life to date! Changing people’s lives, happiness and outlook for the better is what we do as PTs. I love guiding clients towards achieving what they never dreamt they could. I’m constantly learning, and building my knowledge and skill set, which keeps me on my toes. Every day is different and I learn from my clients.’ course will also cover essentials such as sales and marketing, different training methods and training for special populations [think older, pre- and postnatal and disabled people]. It should also include the cost of training for a first aid certificate,’ says Mahal.

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The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of if, says Bryant. ‘Be open minded, and seize the opportunity to be part of a group that shares your passion for health and wellbeing. Try to practically apply the skills you learn as soon as possible with real people, so you feel ready to deal with clients once you go out into the real world.’

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