What can I drink on Diet?

What can I drink? WATER, water, and more water. This should be the primary thing you drink all day. No soda, diet sodas, sports drinks, coconut water, vitamin waters – NONE of that. Why? Because these are packed with liquid sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. DRINK WATER instead. There are a couple of things you can drink: PLAIN coffee and PLAIN tea, but these DO NOT COUNT as your water intake. You still need to drink the recommended water intake as well. You should be drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day. Yes, but with a gallon, carry that and a protein shaker cup with you everywhere.

Pour the water in the shaker and chug it. This is the easy hack to drinking more water. Coffee If you drink coffee, drink it black or Bulletproof (with 28g of grass-fed butter or coconut oil blended in it). That’s the ONLY thing you are allowed to put in your coffee. Why? Because I know you want to put creamers in there. What do you think creamers are? Sugar and sweeteners, which are forbidden. Either drink it like I suggested or not at all. If you drink tea, drink it plain. If you cannot drink it like this, then you really don’t like them. It was the sugar or artifıcial sweetener you were after all these years.

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The number one fluid you should be consuming lots of is PURE WATER. Booty Gains Nutrition We have discussed the foods to avoid and the only foods you should be eating. Now it’s time to talk a little bit of science so you understand what food really is. The way we do things is very simple but it’s strategic and pure science. The way I am teaching you to eat has a purpose, and it’s to make dieting easy to adhere to and to develop good habits. I am going to keep it short and just give you the nuts and bolts. Macros “What the hell are macros?” I get this question a lot, especially on social media.

I’m sure you have heard this term before and I have mentioned it a few times in the previous chapter. However, I’m sure most of you still aren’t sure what these are. Macros is short for macronutrients. Macros are your protein, carbs, and fats measured in grams. We talk a lot about calories but know that not all calories are the same. Different macros have different metabolic pathways and release different hormones. They have various effects on energy, appetite, fat burning, muscle building and maintenance, and your hormones. Although calories are the most important aspect, you MUST get an appropriate amount of protein and fats in your diet to develop and maintain muscle and get defined. Did you notice I didn’t mention carbs?

That’s because carbs are the ONLY macro we can live WITHOUT. The primary purpose of carbs is for energy, but because protein and fats can be converted into energy, we can literally live without carbs. With that said, carbs cannot do what fats and proteins do. Carbs cannot provide the building blocks for muscle, cellular development, or hormones, which are why carbs are the least important. This is why when it comes to manipulation of the diet to achieve a specific caloric intake, it’s the carbs that get sacrifıced to create a calorie deficit or increased to refeed. This is why we will be carb cycling. Don’t worry ifyou don’t know anything about what I just said regarding deficit, refeed, and carb cycling, because I will explain in a moment.

For now, just pay attention. The more you know and understand why you are doing these things, the more you will do things the right way. Just know that when I say macros, I’m referring to your protein, carbs, and fat. Just an FYI: each gram of carbs is 4 calories, each gram of protein is 4 calories, and each gram of fat is 9 calories. You will be eating a specific macro ratio and you will achieve your desired calorie intake. For instance, a diet that consists of 75g carbs, 131g protein, and 75g fats equals 1,500 calories. We focus on target numbers for macros to achieve a specific calorie intake and create a fat burning environment. But it is also to give your body the raw materials it needs to develop muscles, maintain muscles, develop hormones, and keep your blood sugar levels in check. Creating the correct calorie intake by hitting your macros daily is KEY to getting the desired fat burning and that booty.

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