What are Upanishads?

We must eat in tune with these five elements, especially when nurturing a life within. Here is how:

Space: Take the time to hear your inner cues while eating. To do that you will have to learn to take the time to eat in a way where you are able to cut down on unwanted noise. So slow down your pace, find your space and eat.

• Do: Consciously assign meal times to yourself, at least the main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Don’t: Grab lunches, rush your meals or eat while watching TV programs.

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Air: Eat your meals to a point of feeling light. This borrows from the first principle of space. When you slow down the pace at which you eat, you learn to eat to a point of lightness. When meals are rushed, people often feel that the food is all the way up to their throat, sometimes even the nose ;). So pay attention to feeling food going down your stomach and stop before it’s full.

• Do: Use the Mental Meal Map and serve yourself smaller portions at one time.

• Don’t: Practise portion control; instead focus on eating just right and have the flexibility to adjust portions based on your appetite at each meal.

Fire: Amongst the holiest elements, Agni is even worshipped as god, so eat food that is cooked or, as they say, purified by fire. So no re-heating of food in microwaves or opening packets of ready-to-eat meals. Eat home-cooked food and let it be cooked slowly on fire. The practice of feeding pregnant women first also comes from this, as the fire element of warmth is active in food when it is eaten fresh off the pan / stove.

• Do: Eat freshly-cooked food and consume within three hours of cooking. Make intelligent use of spices.

• Don’t: Reheat food using microwaves. Don’t eat vegetable salads or soups; while one is not cooked at all, the other is overheated. Balance is the key here.

What are Upanishads?

What are Upanishads?What Is Heard Upanishads | The Great Courses Plus

What are Upanishads?

Vision and Approaches of Upanishads

What are Upanishads?

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