What Are The Benefits of Power Yoga?

What Are The Benefits of Power Yoga?

Power yoga produces benefits to both the physical body and the mind. Although the focus is more on the physical, the mental benefits are still substantial, and it provides a more holistic experience than many regular types of aerobic exercise.

Physical Benefits

The physically demanding routines increase flexibility as other forms of yoga do; however in addition to this, power yoga is particularly effective for increasing strength and stamina as well. With its low impact activity, power yoga is gentler on the body than many other types of exercise, and this also means it is accessible by a larger number of people. Those who are unable to take part in other intensive activities such as weight lifting and sprinting will be able to benefit from power yoga. It can be adjusted in various ways to suit the individual; and in fact there are specific routines for pregnant women, children and elderly people.

Power yoga is a highly effective way of strengthening the bones and preventing osteoporosis. It achieves the same effects in this area as those gained from weight training, but with less strain on the body. It also boosts the immune system by increasing the drainage of lymph, which helps the lymphatic system to more effectively fight infections and diseases. The lymphatic system is responsible for killing cancerous cells as well as disposing of toxins from the body. Increasing the lymph drainage increases the efficiency and potency of these processes.

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This form of yoga, along with other yoga practices, results in a reduction of clot-promoting proteins by reducing the stickiness of platelets. This means thinner blood, which can help to lower the risk of clots that cause strokes and heart attacks. In addition to strengthening the bones and ligaments, yoga helps to strengthen the back and spine, resulting in a reduction of back pain as well as a lower risk of injury. The practice of power yoga has a positive effect on the posture of the body, correcting alignment that may be causing a variety of physical problems as well as aiding digestion and various other functions within the body.

Power yoga is an effective form of exercise for weight loss since it burns more calories than regular yoga and builds lean muscle mass. The increase of lean muscle mass results in an increase in the resting metabolic rate which means the body will be burning more calories while at rest due to the fact that muscle takes more energy to maintain than other tissues. The strengthening of muscles, bones and ligaments that is achieved through power yoga also helps to prevent injuries from other physical activities.

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