What Are Pilates Exercise

What Are Pilates Exercise

Each of the first three categories above constitutes a complete meal, containing protein and vegetables. Therefore, you cannot have more than one at a time, but you could have one for lunch and another for dinner. In order to create a complete meal out of the fourth category, you need to combine your preferred choice of protein with one or two vegetable dishes.

There are many reasons why we have chosen to eat this way. First, we have found that whenever we eat two proteins, such as shrimp and scallops, or beef and chicken, we come away feeling dissatisfied and irritated because we want to eat more more volume and more variety.

The same principle applies to vegetables. If you eat a variety of vegetables every day, you begin to get bored with them because they always seem the same. But if you eat only one or two in a meal, you pay more attention to what you are preparing and how you prepare it, as well as the taste of it when you eat it.

In effect, eating this way becomes a form of meditation. You eat more slowly, you are mindful of what you are eating, and you are peaceful and satisfied afterward. Furthermore, you will appreciate that food again the next time you eat it, because that will be at least a week later. This not only makes food special to you but simplifies your life.

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