The wellness influencer Jody Shield

The success coach. motivational speaker and self-help author of Self-Care for the Soul (Yellow Kite, £9.99) talks about the importance of finding your authentic self.

Tohe way we feel about ur bodies is a product of many things, from experiences in the school yard and going through puberty to things people have said to us. Something as simple as your mum saying, ‘look at your tummy!’ when you were little can lead you to being self-conscious of that area in adult life. As we get older, these bits of old information turn into fears and create limiting beliefs about our bodies. And because the mind believes life is whatever we say it is, our beliefs become the “reality” of our situation. The mind’s primary goal is to keep you out of danger, so it will try to protect you from situations where you might feel vulnerable, exposed or open to criticism, leading you to hide away in a safe place, get “stuck” – perhaps even in a place of hate and anger and not move forwards.

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Imposter syndrome and comparison anxiety are very real mental conditions in our society. You need to go on a journey to accept yourself as you are; to realise your talents, gifts and visions; and be authentic. Because once you do that, you’ll no longer be afraid or threatened by other people. The faster you can accept what’s going on in your life, how you feel and what you’re thinking, the faster you’ll become happy, healthy, fulfilled and in love with yourself.’ ‘My own journey to self-acceptance began 10 years ago.

After a decade working as a business director in advertising, I was a workaholic, suffering from an eating disorder, chronically stressed and ridden with self-limiting beliefs. So I took a sabbatical for a few months, travelling around South America. In Peru, I went on a shamanic plant retreat, taking the hallucinogenic substance, ayahuasca. It allowed me to peek into my subconscious mind and unravel the fears, past experiences and traumas that were keeping me small and holding me back. I realised I could live my life another way. When I returned to London, I retrained in alternative therapies to understand how the mind creates physical conditions in the body, including body dysmorphia.

The wellness influencer Jody Shield


As well as working with big brands such as Nike, Estée Lauder and LuluLemon to improve employee wellness or create campaigns and content, I also offer private, one-to-one, bespoke packages on success, business and life coaching, spiritual healing and goal setting, where I support people to connect with their life vision and develop strategies on how to achieve it. There’s a waiting list, so I also offer coaching via the internet. With the Tribe Tonic package (£33 per month;. receive four training videos a month, including a new guided meditation and EFT tapping to release blockages and develop confidence in areas such as resetting your mindset and being more real.’


Authenticity is so important I talk about it a lot. It’s great that more influencers and celebrities (and regular women) are joining the body-positive movement, showing their authentic, exposed selves, even if they’re feeling anxious, depressed or vulnerable. Hopefully, we’ll all feel less threatened by each other, no longer inadequate, and more positive…

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