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Studies on rats have yielded interesting results. Dr. Clarence Cohn tested 1,500 young laboratory rats and divided them into two groups. One group was fed at “meal times” twice a day and the other allowed to eat whenever they wanted. The total amounts of food and nutrients consumed were the same for both groups. After 41 days, both groups had gained the same amount of weight, but the meal eaters had put on almost twice as much body fat. Other studies have replicated these findings, although in some cases there was a higher food consumption and overall weight gain in “meal eaters” groups as opposed to rats allowed to eat at any time.

What shall we say about rats? Are they troubled in their eating behavior by stress and emotional issues? It seems pretty clear that mammals, in general, are under similar influences regarding their need for and maintenance of extra fat, and it appears that eating patterns are very close to the root of this need. The grazing rats were in control of their food intake and the mealtime rats weren’t. The grazing rats didn’t need to store extra fat because they had a continuous supply of food and ate based on their body signals. Of course, rats are fed only high quality rat food. Right.

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If overweight people can’t really control the force of adaptation, are they just victims? Do they have no responsibility for their bodies, for their eating, for how fat they are? Is the prejudice against overweight and obese people ever justified? Two of my friends argue that the fat people they know just eat a whole lot of food, and really bad food. Are some people overweight because they just don’t care? Yes. Do they deserve to be fat, more than the ignorant yo-yo dieters who keep trying, over and over again to lose weight? Maybe. Is it possible to tell the difference, on the surface, between these two groups of people? No. They are all fat and no one but they know whether or not they are really trying. I personally think most people are trying, at least some of the time. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people with such serious weight problems.

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