Weight Loss Strategies for Success

Write goals down twice a day. I want you writing this down two times each day, on paper, at your desk. The two times are as soon as you wake up and right before bed. We do this for two reasons. Number one, to get your mind focused as you start your day, so your mind is tuned to focus on doing the daily tasks and work required to get that body. You start your day already SEEING yourself with that body, so your mind will be focused for the day.

Secondly, it focuses your mind right before bed so your subconscious mind is thinking about it while you sleep. Your subconscious never turns off, so programming it before bed is genius! Programming your mind for success, focus, effort, creating ideas and hacks leads you to SUCCESS. Booty gains! You may even come up with ideas while sleeping, so keep your notes in your phone nearby and jot them down if you do. Remember, I told you I have hacks to everything. Writing down your goals twice a day is one of them. This is how we are going to reprogram your mind. Now let’s move on to Step #2.

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Be committed. Now that we have an idea what your goal should be specifıcally, there are a couple more mindset tricks I want to teach you. That’s to progress this goal and the action goals in Step #4 to COMMITMENTS. What do I mean? What are the two most powerful words in your vocabulary? “I AM.” You know how I just told you that your mind takes those two words as a command? Well, there’s another trick that takes this a step further. That’s starting the phrase off with “I AM committed…” Why? Because the words “I am” precede the subconscious beliefs that you program your mind with. “I am” is often followed by a belief, and your belief creates actions, decisions, behaviors, and ultimately the results you achieve. We want to hack into those beliefs and create ones we WANT to have.

By following up the command “I am” with “committed to,” this sends a message to your subconscious that you are dedicated to achieving these goals. Cool, huh? This works! I teach this all the time!

Be committed to the actions. Now that we have the first three parts down, now we need to set up the actions! Nothing happens unless we take ACTION, right? See, losing all those pounds of fat or building muscle takes TIME, and when you think of how long it could take, it can sometimes feel like it’s forever away. But if you break down your goal into simple daily actions, you only have to focus on THOSE daily tasks. You do them daily and over time and voila, you’ve got it! If you crush your daily action goals, you achieve your true goal: BOOTY!

What are these daily actions? Well, once again, I have HACKS! (I know, I know. You love me. You’re welcome.) I’m going to give you a Booty Gains hack list, but you may need to add a couple more things to this list if you notice that you tend to come up short in some areas. But for the most part, if you do these five things, you’re on track for a very HOT, SEXY, DEFINED body with an outstanding BOOTY! Let’s get to the list and write these down. Put pen to paper! I need you physically writing these down to have an impact on programming your mind for success in Booty Gains! List: 1. I am committed to training my booty seven days a week.

(Yes, SEVEN days a week. You’ll learn how later.) 2. I am committed to eating healthy, whole foods that hit my calorie and macro goals seven days a week. (Numbers are in the quick start guide.) 3. I am committed to drinking 1-2 gallons of water per day. (This is vital to your success.)

I am committed to writing down, tracking my workouts, and hitting my daily calorie burn goal each day. (The daily calorie burn goal is in the quick start guide.) 5. I am committed to being disciplined in social situations, living the fitness lifestyle, and staying dedicated and consistent.

See what we did there? We created your goal, then created some action steps to get you there. We also made them affirmative commitments! By doing these things daily, you are guaranteed to succeed! You can also add other fitness goals, like doing a physique show, photoshoot, personal bests on lifts, etc. Just use the same four steps and add a deadline, then add it to your daily list. Remember, you’re going to take a few minutes each morning and evening to write these down. This is VITAL to your success, so get a notebook, index cards, the notes app on your phone, and physically do this. After you have been doing this consistently for one to two months, you’ll really start to notice how impactful it is. Feel free to add in life goals too, such as those pertaining to marriage, family, business, or other areas. Now let’s move on to the next hack to creating great beliefs and self image.

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