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Weight loss Pics on Ninian Smart, following Rudolph Otto, calls revelatory experiences numinous and meditational ones mystical. Briefly, as I outlined in the Introduction, revelatory experiences tend to be spontaneous; they come to a person (usually from a higher being who is perceived as other to the recipient). Meditational experiences are sought after, the meditator engages in set practices and the experiences emerge as a result. I would argue, and I sketched out some of that argument in the previous chapter, that both of these types are best understood as forms of trance and the claims made on the basis of them as believed-in-imaginings. That does not mean that the experiences cannot be veridical, cannot correspond in some way to actuality. It just means that they cannot be treated as self-validating. We can only know whether such experiences are accurate or not if we have access to corroborating or falsificatory evidence. Weight loss Pics 2016.

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