Weight Loss Maintenance Tips

Weight Loss Maintenance Tips

Physical activity can boost self-esteem, improve your self-image, lower stress, help relieve depression, reduce anxious feelings, get you out in the sunshineand help keep your energy input and output in balance.

And more. Sustained (which means continuous) moderate to vigorous physical activity can do all of the above, plus strengthen your heart! See The Cactus Plan recommendations on here.

Remember that weight-bearing physical activityactivity that involves carrying weight (including the weight of your body)can help build strong bones. Muscle-strengthening physical activityactivity that involves making your muscles work a bit harder than usualis also important.

Being physically active can reduce your chances of developing health problems now and as an adult.

What kinds of problems? Now: Obesity (which is weighing way more than what’s recommended for a person’s height) and type 2 diabetes. Later: heart disease, brittle and weak bones, and certain kinds of cancers.

Let’s put healthy eating and physical activity patterns in place!

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