Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Want a leaner, fitter body and a sense of prowess to boot? Step into the weights room

Many of us have had this moment:looking at a heavily-stacked barbell theinstructor has placed in front of us andpicturing Arnold Schwarzenegger inPumping Iron. But get this – researchshows that lifting heavy weights won’t makeus girls bulk up. Instead, experts agree that lifting more poundswill help us to lose more pounds.

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Don’t believe it? One study inthe journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows thatwomen who lifted heavier weights for fewer reps (85 per cent ofone rep max, eight times) scorched nearly double the caloriesafter exercise than they did when lifting light weights for morereps (45 per cent of one rep max, 15 times).‘I’m so desperate to break the rumour that lifting heavy weightswill make you bulky,’ says Laura Hoggins, coach at The Foundry(foundryfit.com). ‘Sure, it’s important to get the technique right, aswell as set progressive and challenging sessions, but, combinedwith smart nutrition and conditioning, heavy lifting is the best wayto achieve fat loss and a lean physique.’It’s all down to the intensity of training and effect thatoverloading the muscles has on your body: ‘Heavy strengthtraining stimulates your anabolic growth hormone, which boostsyour immune system, increases fat metabolism and promotesgrowth in your muscles, tendons and ligaments,’ adds Hoggins.‘Paired with the correct nutrition, you could use strength trainingto transform your body in a matter of weeks.

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

A smaller waistline, defined look, better bone density, strongerbody and sense of empowerment are just a few of the results youcan look forward to reaping by following a heavy strength plan.Don’t know which moves to do? We asked Hoggins for her topweighted moves. Get your training gloves at the ready…


Laura Hoggins is a coach at The Foundry gym in London (FoundryFit.com) Voted one of the best gyms in the world, The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to train like an athlete in a team environment.

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