We Are How And What We Move!

All things are a form of conditioning! If we perform the same routine of physical exercise continuously and consistently without compensatory movement, that activity will be conditioned, adapted to, and progressed upon in an imbalanced way, causing immobility in the “opposite” direction/action. As imbalance happens, insulation/armor grows. Fear accumulates in the area to protect the imbalance, and thus begins the downward spiral of physiological deterioration.

For example, a champion in his sport may be a physical specimen in appearance. But the imbalances of his sport have resulted in a condition where his myofascia is thickened, armored, and insulated, causing him chronic pain that has led to several injuries.

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It is unfortunate that people frame the pain and injury as a negative. They are a positive blessing, for they call attention to the area, to the imbalance, and, most important, to the lifestyle that led to the imbalance.

Even yogi can suffer this scrunching if they don't observe the yoga imperative of complementary asana. We are what, how, and when we move, just as we are what, how, and when we eat.


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