Water Exercise For Arthritis

Water Exercise For Arthritis


The best possible way for the body to get water is out of fruits and vegetables. In this way, all minerals, trace elements, and vitamins are easily available, as well as all the other plant substances that have benefited humankind for millions of years. Water that’s consumed in this manner reaches the blood more slowly and evenly and at the same time that the minerals are offered in the biological bond. Therefore, the body is able to use both water and minerals much more effectively. Thus, the best way to provide your body with water is to eat it.

It’s not difficult to do. The water content of most fruit and vegetables is over 90 percent. For melons, oranges, and grapes, it’s as high as 98 percent. Therefore, “eat” water whenever you canthat way, “drinking” becomes a real pleasure. A fruit salad or an apple makes a delicious snack and helps you stay healthy as well.

Cooking and frying dehydrate food, so the best way to eat fruits and vegetables is as fresh as possible. Fish and meat also lose water when cooked; and the higher the temperature, the greater the water loss. That’s why we should try to cook our food at the lowest temperature possible. This has also the advantage of improving the taste.

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Above: Eat fruits that are as fresh as possible.


If for the last decade you’ve been drinking far too little water, or have drunk it in such a way that your body hasn’t been able to use it properly, the consequences will become more and more apparent in the second half of your life. The very sad fact that older people often don’t cook for themselves anymore and tend to rely on ready-made meals, which often have minimal water content, also contributes to the water shortage they experience.

So why not turn this around and make a positive change? The older you get, the more water you should drink and the more fresh food you should eat. This will help keep you physically and mentally agile well into old age.

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