Water Aerobics Exercise Routine

Water Aerobics Exercise Routine


Movement, satisfaction, and good food are the main prerequisites for health, which goes hand in hand with beauty. Natural, healthy beauty starts inside the body. If everything is in good order on the inside, it will be on the outside, too. Your skin will be healthy, because there will be no need for waste products to be brought to the surface for elimination. Therefore, the condition of the skin, the outer loveliness, mirrors the inner beauty. If your body contains enough water, for example, your skin will be smooth and elastic and your eyes bright. Your body will be functioning at its optimal level.

The water content in babies is often as much as 75 percent, but this will continually decrease with age. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find levels of under 50 percent in adults. Even young people show low levels of water.


Water is the mein means of transport not only for all the materials that are required by the cells, but also for all the cells’ waste substances. If the transport network isn’t functioning properly because of a lack of water, waste isn’t taken away, but left behind. In medical terminology, this is a “deposit.” Physicians talk, for example, about the uric acid crystals that trigger a gout attack, and a person is described as “calcified” when part of their brain has become a salt deposit. Deposits may also collect in the blood vessels over a period of time until one day they trigger a heart attack, stroke, or lung embolism

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Many people think that they have done their duty by drinking four pints of water per day. But only a few individuals manage to accomplish this; and those who do drink the recommended amount of water often do so in a way that’s very ineffective, because pouring several pints of water into the body, say, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, isn’t a very sensible thing to do. Such a large amount can’t be used properly and will just pass through the body. It’s far more sensible to drink water throughout the day. This then has enough time to trickle through the blood vessels into the spaces between the cells and from there into the cells themselves.

The water we drink should be as soft as possible. Nobody would expect their washing machine to use hard, calcified water. Just as soft water is more effective for washing clothes because it can penetrate more deeply into the fabric, so it’s more effective for our body, as it can reach even the most remote corners. Therefore, you should drink still, soft water with only traces of calcium and minerals.

This is contrary to current opinion, which recommends exactly the opposite. Ads for “healing” waters particularly emphasize the high concentration and number of different minerals they contain. The culmination of this is fitness drinks with a high mix of minerals. However, more and more therapists now agree that too much of a good thing can have a negative effect. They share the opinion that minerals that haven’t been taken in through the biological bond can’t be used to optimal effect, which means they’re actually not available to the cells. On the contrary, it’s often impossible for the body to dispose of these surpluses, and so they accumulate in the space between the cells. In the longer term, this may result in a system overload and the metabolic processes becoming dangerously restricted.

Above: Fresh spring water that originates at the bottom of a mountain. A shining vibrant crystal has formed, which expresses the original power and beauty of nature.

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