Water Aerobics Exercise Equipment

Water Aerobics Exercise Equipment


Everything, even the smallest process inside us, is based on movement. That’s why we function best when in motion. This is true for our immune system, the inner organs, the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nerves, the lymphatic system, the brain, and the emotions. We can influence a whole range of metabolic processes through movement. Let’s have a closer look at what happens during these metabolic processes.

The raw materials and tools that the body needs to function properly are carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and enzymes, trace elements, minerals, and fiber. These have to be taken in and transported to the part of the body where a specific process happens. At this “building site,” new cells are constructed, as are hormones, enzymes, protein, certain vitamins, and much more. All these are produced in the body’s own laboratories. Old cells, meanwhile, die off and are recycled. Waste material is produced, which is discharged with the help of special detoxification organs (kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs). Now you start to get an idea of how much is going on in your body every second of your life.

The means of transport that makes all this possible is water. Our body has a very complex network of “pipes” blood vesselsso that every cell can be supplied with the necessary materials. Obviously, the efficiency of the system depends on the condition of the network. Many factors have an impact on the smooth running of the organization, but there’s one that’s fundamental: movement. This is the primary secret of life.

Movement is life; stagnation is death! The driving force behind all movement is our muscular system. The muscles ensure that blood, lymph, and all other bodily fluids are transported throughout the body and support the work of the heart. Moving the body is therefore beneficial for the heart. Movement stimulates circulation; and as a result our pipes are “flushed out,” all the cells are supplied with oxygen, all the nutrients reach their “place of work,” the detoxification organs run at top speed, and all the necessary hormones and enzymes are produced.

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When everything is moving along so well, something phenomenal happens: Our body starts to notice that the pipes could actually be bigger and that more pipes would ensure an even better supply, or perhaps that certain areas have not been supplied at all. The body gives immediate instructions to begin the necessary building work. The existing vessels get bigger, new ones are added, and the network is extended. The bones get stronger, and the cartilage and vertebrae get thicker so that they’re able to take the additional strain. The organs are refurbished so that they can work more efficiently. The improved supply also explains why the bones of a person who does physical exercise heal more quickly than those of someone who doesn’t. Just to give you an idea of the scale of the process, muscles that move have a circulation rate 200 times higher than those that remain at rest. This means that those cells will be 200 times better supplied with building materials and oxygen, and waste will be discharged 200 times faster.

It’s hard to imagine, but if all the body’s blood vessels were laid end to end, they would be about 60,000 miles in length and would circle the Earth more than twice. These vessels are our body’s highways.

We could look around the “building site” of our body for hours and find endless new adjustments being made, all triggered by our movements. These can only take place, however, if there is enough water, in the form of blood, to flush through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Movement in our body is better described as “perpetual motion.” Once it has started, the system responds by moving more and more. If it’s activated every day, this will trigger a dance of joy in the body. Outer activity will also bring about easier inner movement. If there’s no movement, the heart will simply maintain its most basic rate sadly, a condition that most people live with today, without even knowing it. The system that’s most affected in this case is the body’s oxygen supply. If you don’t lead an active life, your body is just getting an emergency supply, and your cells are “gasping for breath.” Many important illnesses such as circulation problems, headaches, impotence, and insomnia arise through a poor supply of oxygen. And for a proper amount, you need water.

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