Water Aerobic Exercise

Water Aerobic Exercise

This particular body of work showed that human consciousness, in the form of a specific and detailed intention, could be imprinted into a very simple electronic device from a deep meditative state and then this processed device (now called an IIED, intention imprinted electrical device) could act as a surrogate for the specific intention and thereafter robustly influence a specifically designed target experiment in full accord with the intention imprinted therein. Figure 1 illustrates the general behavior for four distinctly different target experiments. Figure 1: QM (some generalized physical measurement) vs. IIED processing time (length of time a space experiences a process leading to enhanced coupling)

Surprisingly, it was found that placing this IIED ~100 meters from a physically identical but unimprinted device, with both in the electrically switched-off state, didn’t inhibit transfer of the specific intention imprint from the IIED to the unimprinted device within less than a week. This implies that a new information channel, other than conventional Maxwellian electromagnetism (EM), is present in nature for such an information change to occur. This new information carrier appears to be one that’s modulatable by human intent. The basic process of electrically turning on an IIED in a given laboratory space causes this space to be “IIED-conditioned” in such a way as to allow the instrumentation present in that space to access another level of physical reality after an ~3 month period of such space conditioning. The particular material property targeted by the specific intention imbedded in the device varies over time according to Figure 1 and the following equation:

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In Equation 2, QMis the total instrumentally measured value of the property, QP1is the normal value, QM0, in Figure 1, QP2 is the expectation value for this second level of physical reality while °ceff is the coupling coefficient between these two unique levels of physical reality. Relative to Figure 1, eff QP2 is (QM1 – QM0), the intention magnitude of property change imprinted into the particular IIED. A fully IIED-conditioned laboratory has been observed to exhibit several characteristic signatures:

1. QP2(t) is responsive to the polarity of a DC magnetic field placed close to the pH-measuring instruments; i.e., QP2 (north-pole up) – QP2 (south pole up)0 as it should for our normal reality (QP1) because there only magnetic dipoles are present. To yield such an experimental result, magnetic monopoles must also be present and instrumentally accessible.

2. Temporal material property oscillations of very large magnitude appear for pH(t), a(t), TW(t), and TA(t), (where a = electrical conductivity, TW is water temperature and TA is air temperature) are (a) global throughout the room, (b) all exhibit the same Fourier spectral components, and (c) all components are in the frequency range ~10-2 to 10-3 hertz.

3. The TA(t) oscillations (magnitude ~3°C) were shown, via a forced convection experiment, not to be due to any natural convection process in the room’s air and remained for weeks to months after the supposed source of the oscillations had been removed from the experimental space.

4. For these phantom TA(t) oscillations, it was observed that when a large natural quartz crystal was placed with its c-axis pointing upwards in the initial “source” location, it just increased the TA(t) amplitude slightly and sharpened the spatial TA(t) profile somewhat. However, when the crystal was rotated 90° so that its c-axis was in the horizontal plane and aligned with the row of thermistors, there was an immediate inversion of the wave shape with reduction of the wave amplitude by a factor of ~2-3 and an increase of the wave frequency by a factor of ~3-5.

From these four main experimental observations, it was deduced that such phenomena weren’t associated with the electric atom/molecule level of physical reality, but rather the coarse physical vacuum level of reality; i.e., from within the space unoccupied by the nucleons making up the atoms and molecules. Further, it was deduced that magnetic monopoles were intimately involved with the material nature of this coarse physical vacuum level of reality.

Reference 9 was our third major psychoenergetics contribution, and its contents cover the period ~2001 through 2004. Table 3 provides a summary of the key experimental findings collected in reference 9. This work largely focused on replication by others of the ApH = +1 units experiments at several laboratories in the U.S. and Europe. Initially, three laboratories (Payson, Missouri, and Kansas) with such IIEDs were utilized; and each had a control site, containing identical pH-measurement equipment plus a UED (no IIED), located within ~2 to 20 miles of the IIED site. This experimental replication of the original Minnesota results3 was successfully achieved. At these three sites ApH(t) grew exponentially with time to levels significantly above the normal theoretical value. However, at their control sites, the same type of behavior occurred, indicating that a macroscopic, room temperature information entanglement process occurred between the IIED sites and their UED sites.

Next, the Baltimore and Bethesda sites were initially used as control sites for the three IIED sites; and within ~2 months, the same large increase in ApH with exponential time-dependence for pH(t) occurred at these sites. Finally, the U.K. and Milan site (three months later) were initially used as control sites for the system; and within three weeks for the U.K. site and one week for the Milan site, pH(t) was exponentially increasing with time and ApH reached ~1 pH units. Now the information entanglement process between sites had been proven to reach ~6,000 miles.

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