Warrior III Yoga Pose

Ignorance is the experience of the not-self in the Self, which is caused by delusion and is followed by Warrior III Yoga Pose the experience of the Self in the not-self represented by the physical body etc. It is likened to a knot because it Warrior III Yoga Pose causes a contraction of the individual being’s fullness-nature. This knot is at the root of his bondage and is caused by his experiencing himself as the physical body, etc., and not as the real Self, which is essentially all-pervasive and endowed with divine freedom. The untying of this knot involves the replacement of the experience of the Self in the body, etc.

By the experience of one’s self as the real Self after long and firm contemplation of one’s divine nature, which is characterised by divine freedom. The attainment of this kind of liberation culminates in the manifestation of the divine powers lying latent in the individual. This is the intended meaning of the above verse. Just as ether is characterised by such qualities as all-pervasiveness and eternity, but when surrounded by objects like a jar etc. it appears to be qualified by such characteristics as non-pervasiveness, etc.

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