Vitamins and minerals for fatty liver

Doctors recommend that we take vitamins and minerals everyday for our overall wellness. Here are the vitamins and minerals that are especially helpful for our liver:

Vitamin B. Vitamin B is a very important vitamin that helps detoxify and release the harmful substances in your body. The body needs vitamin B, as it is the one responsible for breaking down the bile and cholesterol in the liver that helps in digestion.

Zinc. Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the body because it is responsible for a lot of activities within the body like the healing of wounds, normal clotting of the blood, neutralizing damaging free radical, and giving a helping hand to the liver if it is damaged or affected by a certain health condition by supporting your immune system. Zinc is especially useful for the liver, especially when the liver cannot function properly or is overworked.

Antioxidants. The body needs a constant supply of Vitamins C and E. They are natural antioxidants that help the tissue repair themselves and fight off infection. They also prevent the free radicals from causing damage to the body and encourage the liver to continue with its detoxifying role.

Choline. This is a B vitamin, which is responsible for the transportation of fats from the liver. Research studies prove the importance of choline through fatty liver disease cases, which are caused by having a deficiency of choline in the body. If you have fatty liver, eat foods that are rich in choline like beef liver, peanuts, and egg yolks.

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