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Videos yoga on These benefits come at a price, however. Because conscious processing involves a dissociation from broader-based unconscious processing, people can become more or less permanently disconnected from a wide range of life-enhancing resources. Reconnection with such resources thus requires some kind of inhibition or displacement of conscious processes, and this is exactly what trance states are: frames of mind where conscious processes are displaced. In trance states (from the Latin transitus a passage, and transire to pass over) attention is not selective; asymmetrical patterns of muscular tension are reduced, and arrhythmic movements tend to become more fluid. Clearly, Skynner s open and closed modes are not exactly synonyms for unconscious and conscious processing, but they are close enough for us to recognize that both Skynner and Gilligan are writing about similar and related states. If, then, it is the case, as it seems to be, that trance states facilitate a shift from conscious to unconscious processing or from closed to open mode, and that such shifts, whilst highly beneficial at the appropriate time, are often difficult for people to make, we should think of them not as something detrimental to be feared but as a highly valuable resource. Indeed, many of the world s cultures have regarded them in that way. Videos yoga 2016.

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