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Videos of yoga on g. the Harivamsa, the Silappadhkaram and the Manimekalai) mention many goddesses who eventually became aspects or epithets of the great goddess of the Puranas and Saktism. Similar evidence is found in Buddhism and Jainism, where female divinities from tribal cults were incorporated into the mainstream tradition and presented as devotees of the great sages or personifications of spiritual principles. Their parallels within Hinduism are relatively easy to identify, which suggests that all came originally from the same sources. In Buddhism, the composite goddess Tara came to be regarded as a primordial female energy, sometimes consort of Avalokitesvara and also as the personification of perfect wisdom (Prajnaparamita). In Vaisnavism, Sri, Laksmd and Sarasvati, who originally had little by way of particular association with Visnu, came to be regarded as his consort and eventually as an integral part of his being, his sakti (literally power ). In Saivism, perhaps because its roots were similar, the goddess always had a close relationship with the god. Videos of yoga 2016.

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