Upper Body Workout and Stretching Exercises

[Upper Body Workout – Bow Pose] This helps to stretch the entire upper body, the shoulders, it opens up the chest It is a good stretch for your ankles and hip flexor. Lie chest down on the mat. Keep your legs stretched and long. Bend your right foot, take your right palm onto the ankle. Stretch the left arm out Inhale and lift yourself up. Hold your yoga posture for a few breaths Release down and switch to the other leg. Hold your ankle and reach the right palm and inhale. This completes the simple upper body workout – now, an advanced Upper Body Yoga – Full Bow Pose. Bring the feet together and bend at the knees Keep your palms on the ankle Get a nice firm grip, inhale and lift your body up. Get your knees and your chest off the mat Only the hips and the abs touching the mat Knees together, stay here & take a few breaths To release, relax the legs, bring the palms forward. That completes the full Upper Body Stretching and Workout.

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Upper Body Workout and Stretching Exercises – Part 2

Hi I’m Asha and I’m back on the mat with another episode for you. In today’s post I’ll be showing you fish pose. This is a great asana to give you gentle stretch to the upper back and shoulder. To begin, take the palms back and then drop the elbows on the mat. Stretch the legs out, lift the chest, lifting up to the sky and then start to drop the top of the head on the ground. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and freely. If this feels really good, bring the feet together and lift the legs up. Slowly release and then you can bend at the knees and come to a cross legged posture. To release, straighten the legs out and slowly come up!.

Upper Body Workout with Warrior Yoga Pose

Hi, I’m Asha. We’ll come to downward facing dog, so bending forward walk the palms out and inhale. Step the right foot forward in between the two palms. And drop the left heel down on to the ground. Inhale to come up. Make sure your hips are facing forward, you are activating the back leg and right knee is in line with the right heel. See if you can slightly turn in the left hip. Then inhale, reach the arms up, exhale and drop the shoulders down. Feeling strong in the legs, take the palms behind, bringing the palms together in a prayer pose. You can inhale, do a mini arch at the back, and then interlock the fingers, exhale bringing the head down towards the right toes. Inhale, back up and then straightening the right leg, turn the toes in and left toes out. Do the same thing on the other side..

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