Upavistha Konasana Pose

Upavistha Konasana Pose

Start by sitt’ng on the ground with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. Lean back into a lying position with your spine straight, and then lift your right leg straight up. Make sure that you are not turning it out or in, keeping it straight. Next, place your left hand onto your left thigh, flex the toes of your right foot, and grab the big toe of your right foot with your right hand, keeping both legs straight.

Next, exhale as you lift up your head and shoulders from the floor. Pull your knee towards your forehead and hold it for five breaths before releasing your head back to the lying down position, but still holding on to the big toe of your right foot. Now move your right leg out to the side, still holding the toe and keeping both legs straight and turning your head to look over to the left.

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Make sure you keep your left hand pressed down firmly on the top of your left thigh to keep your hips straight so that your left hip does not lift off the ground. Hold this position for five breaths before pulling the leg back to the center, still holding on to the big toe, and exhaling as you bring your forehead back up to your knee. Inhale as you replace your head on the floor, then exhale as you let go of your toe and allow the right leg to lower back to the floor. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Complete Start-up Steps

These are the two most common sequences that are used in power yoga classes and they are the best place for beginners to start.

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