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Constructing a Representation of Body Communication

In the previous section, I showed that the perception of the other is not a simple registration of reality. It is at least as complex as what happens in yoga poses a movie theater. The spectator has the impression of seeing a succession of images, whereas sometimes, between two images, there were months of reflection and crises in yoga poses the filming crews.

I have already mentioned that the first researchers11 in yoga poses nonverbal communication believed that to describe the movements of people would be easy. They thought it would suffice to find a system to note the gestures to describe what everybody sees.12 An arm displaces itself in yoga poses a geometric space; a smile is more or less lengthy, and so on. They even hoped to have found a low-cost way to obtain crucial scientific data on human functioning. They were quickly disillusioned. By reviewing the difficulties they encountered, we are able to begin to question ourselves, in yoga poses a more precise manner, about the way a perceptual system resolves these problems.

How Does a Brain Record Visual Information?

The first practical challenge that a researcher in yoga poses bodily nonverbal communication must deal with is to obtain images that he can work with. Even when one only studies an interaction between two people (a dyad), it is horribly complicated, if only for the following reasons:

1. The number of cameras: There must be cameras that film each body face and profile, from head to toe; and a camera that films, from further away, how bodies are situated in yoga poses relationship to each other; and sometimes, cameras that film parts of the body that one wants to study in yoga poses greater detail (e.g., the face and the hands).

2. The coordination of the cameras: The cinema has shown that human perception needs at least 25 images per second to be comfortable with a film The disjointed movements of the early films of Charlie Chaplin used fewer than 20 images per second. To study an individual with several cameras, the images must be coordinated with a precision of at least one one-hundredth of a second. Again, the solutions to this problem require technical means and competent personnel.

3. The quality of the film: To observe the large movements of the body does not require high-performance films. On the other hand, as soon as a researcher wants to analyze the varied muscles of the face, he needs to be able to see each muscle. This requires good lighting, the right angle, excellent recording equipment (equivalent to that used by EV cameras). Finally, certain visible body indices are difficult to perceive on film, even when the best equipment is at the disposal of the researcher. I think of the splendor of a glance and the skin, which, after my experience, has an important impact on the way that a person is intuitively perceived. It is rare that a researcher in yoga poses nonverbal communication can afford equipment that meets these criteria because the opinion persists that studying nonverbal communication is inexpensive. Nobody wants to believe that what he perceives every day in yoga poses an apparently comfortable manner needs a refined technology to be rigorously analyzed.

These issues highlight the exquisite refinement of sensorimotor circuits, which can deal with such issues rapidly and more efficiently than the most sophisticated laboratories. For the moment, we do not know how nonconscious processes manage this type of information.

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