Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

Has always been interested in training the mind along with the body, so it’s no surprise his latest venture, online body­ transformation programme NUK SOO days; danrobertsgroup.com), helps you develop an all­ round confidence as well as a great physique. Nuk soo is Thai slang for warrior and, while Roberts’ plan isn’t a fighting system in itself, it draws on moves from the world of martial arts, as well as calisthenics (body-weight training) and strength and conditioning, plus an array of practical psychological lifestyle tools to give you a new body and warrior-worthy mindset, all in just 90 days. ‘I’ve been coaching clients for 25 years,’ says Roberts, ‘and the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that, regardless of our starting point, we can all get great physical results and feel great about our body if we train smart and train hard.’ ‘if you’re out of shape, NUK SOO will sort you out rather quickly,’ says Roberts. ‘You’ll end up far leaner with toned and sculpted muscles. You will be fitter, have improved mobility, co-ordination, balance and stamina.

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You’ll also get more body-confident, have improved focus and enjoy a better, more centred relationship with yourself.’ Sounds good to us! How to do it Roberts has created the following total-body circuit exclusively for H&F readers to give you a taste of NUK SOO. Do tne workout every day for two weeks and you can expect to become leaner, more sculpted and better coordinated, plus it will strengthen your core and help you think and move like a warrior! It’s suitable for all fitness levels and will keep your heart rate up and your brain activated. Since it gradually builds in intensity, it won’t shock your body too much.

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

You can use it alone or alongside your regular weights or cardio programme. Warm up by mobilising your key joints and take 45-90 seconds’ rest between each set and each exercise. The fitter you are, the shorter your rest should be. Let’s get started… 96 Health & Fitness // coachmag.co.uk


Dan has competed internationally in kick-boxing. While working in the fitness industry for 25 years, he has whipped celebrities into shape for movie roles, toned up Victoria’s Secret models and pushed athletes to their limits. Find out more at danrobertsgroup.com.


Warrior benefits: Teaches your core, glutes, hips and lower back to work in sequence with each other. When you jump, run and kick, these muscles should always work together. Body benefits: Warms and ‘activates’ the posterior chain, indirectly helping to tone and firm your glutes and back of legs. Reps: Pro: 2 sets of 20 reps. Expert: 3 sets of 30 reps. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and fists in front of your face (A). Drive your heels info the floor as you quickly push your hips up (1 second).

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

Making sure you’re not hyperextending your back, tense your glutes and abs and hold for a second at the top (B), then lower yourself to the floor slowly (3 seconds) and repeat. Breathe out as you extend and breathe in when you return to the start position.


Warrior benefits: A classic boxing warm-up drill, this challenges your cardiovascular and muscular systems at the same time, so you work harder. It also tests and improves mental toughness. Body benefits: Burns fat, creating more definition around your abdominals and obliques. Reps: Pro: 1 minute. Expert: 2 minutes. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and fists in front of your face (A). Sit up and extend your right clenched fist towards the ceiling – breathe out as you punch. Let your body naturally rotate as you reach as high as you can (B). Return to the start position and repeat the action with your left arm. For each punch, aim for the same spot – the faster the better.


Warrior benefits: Strengthens wrists, pecs, triceps and shoulders and increases your general ‘pushing power’ – the more you have, the more athletic your body will be. Body benefits: Burns fat, adds definition to your chest, back of arms and shoulders. In time (if your body fat is low enough), you’ll also see increased firmness in your abs. Reps Pro: 3 sets of 12 reps. Expert: 3 sets of 25 reps. From a high press-up position on your knees (A), lower your chest to the floor slowly (3 seconds, B), then push up quickly (C) and clap your hands before landing back in the start position.

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

Always breathe out on every push-up/clap. Keep your abs tense to keep your upper body flat, thus maintaining good form.


Warrior benefits: Boosts leg endurance and strength and evens out potential muscle imbalances. Stretches the tendons in the arms. Chinese martial arts put a lot of emphasis on the tendons as the style of fighting requires great ‘internal’ strength. Body benefits: Tones and firms your lower body. Reps Pro: 2 sets of 20 reps. Expert: 3 sets of 30 reps. From standing, slowly step back with your right foot so you go into a reverse lunge position (A). Maintain an upright posture and engage your core. Now push back off the floor and drive your right knee towards your chest (B), then place it down on the floor. Keep this movement controlled and repeat on other side; continue to alternate. Each full rep should last around four seconds. 98 Health&Fitness // coachmag.co.uk Health & Fitness 99 COOL DOWN …. ‘Once you’ve finished the workout, walk around the gym/house for two minutes , to let your blood circulate,’ says Roberts.

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

Then lie on your back and close your eyes. We rarely take any time to relax and think. Training should always be a mix of fast and slow moves and of mindfulness. Think about what you’ve just done, give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself that by pushing your body today, you’re showing it love and allowing yourself to be the fit, active, coordinated and capable athlete you’re designed to be. Well done.’ 100 Health&Fitness // coachmag.co.uk


Warrior benefits: Crawling allows your upper and lower body to work together. You’ll develop strength and endurance in your core, abs, lower back, shoulders and legs and learn to move stealthily. Body benefits: Your abs, shoulders and back will become more defined and your core will love it. Reps: Pro: 1 minute. Expert: 2 minutes. On your hands and knees, lift your right hand and left leg off the floor at the same time and move about a few cm forward (A) so they land at the same time. Now, in a continuous movement from the last, lift your left hand and right toot up and move forward (B). Move a metre forwards, then repeat the move backwards. Continue to move forwards and backwards as quietly as you can.

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

The stealthier you become, the more control you’re developing.


Warrior benefits: A famous Muay Thai move; knee strikes are an amazing conditioning move, strengthening your heart and lungs, and building speed, power and balance in your lower body. Body benefits: Torches fat and tones the posterior chain muscles (including glutes and hamstrings) and tones the abs. Reps: Pro: 2 sets of 25 on each leg (100 reps total). Expert: 2 sets of 50 on each leg (200 reps total). From standing in a split stance with your right leg back and hands protecting your face (A), drive your right hip forwards and extend the knee 45° in front of you. As in a real combat situation, try to keep the heel of your striking knee tucked in as much as you can. The ‘pointier’ the knee, the more the opponent would feel the strike. Take your weight off your standing heel into your toes as you kick through, and lean back, bracing your abs (B).

Unleash Your inner Hero With This Exclusive Mind and Body Workout

Use your arms for balance. Leaning back helps you keep out of the range of counter punches and creates more power. Stick to one side per set. WORDS: Eve Boggenpoel..


Warrior benefits: Krav Maga is a highly practical collection of combat skills designed and used by the Israeli special forces. It’s great for shoulder mobility. Body benefits: Moving at speed, this drill becomes a cardio interval, good for general fat burning. Reps: Pro: 1 set of 40. Expert: 2 sets of 40. Stand with your fists up, protecting your face (A). Take a small step forwards with your right toot and draw your right elbow back (like bowling cricket ball) and slash down diagonally (B). Step back, then repeat on the left side; keep alternating sides. The non­ striking arm should protect your face. Move in a fast, assertive and precise way. SCISSOR KICK Warrior benefits: Aside from including a fun karate style kick, this small fight sequence made up of four moves will test and improve your co-ordination and balance, strengthen your core and help you develop hamstring flexibility. Body benefits: Burns fat and tones all of your leg muscles without bulking them up. Reps: Pro: 3 sets of 60 seconds. Expert: 3 sets of 90 seconds. From a split stance with your hands protecting your face (A), left jab, right cross, then lift your left knee in the air (B) – hop up, then drive your right knee up and extend the right toot forwards (C). On the next rep, have your right knee up and kick with the left. Keep on alternating your feet, but stick to left jab and right cross.

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