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What a motivational article ‘In at the deep end’ (Issue 239) was. y partner and I are both divers and keen swimmers. I must admit we had never heard of an underwater workout before. The nearest I’ve got to this is aqua aerobics. But while it seems like a relatively new trend, it appears underwater strength training has been a thing for some time now. I started researching and was pleased to find there are classes a few miles away. The instructor was pleased to hear from me and enthused about us joining his club of underwater athletes. It sounds a lot of fun, and a new water adventure for us both! Thank you for the inspiration. Jessica Ward, London.

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I was intrigued by your feature ‘Get a yoga body’ (issue 239). I’ve never thought of yoga as a workout, but reading your article made me realise it has many benefits for the body, such as muscle building, bone strengthening and flexibility. There’s even evidence it rivals aerobic exercise for heart health.


I now realise yoga can really be what you want it to be – tailoring it by changing the poses in your practice. I’ve also joined a class. I was a bit nervous at first, but had a chat with the teacher beforehand and it gave her the chance to understand my reasons for doing yoga. I really enjoyed my first class and I’m looking forward to adding yoga to my list of beneficial exercises. Thank you! Evie Webster, Cheshire.


I was very interested in the ‘Life in a day’ profile (Issue 239) of Brianne West, founder of solid beauty bar company, Ethique. The company has prevented more than 3.3 million plastic bottles from being made and disposed of. It produces natural beauty bars that are free of plastic, cruelty-free and are entirely plant-based. I became a vegan two years ago and changed the way I buy beauty and household products. We cannot keep producing plastic at the rate we are – the process is harming the environment. I already buy shampoo bar soaps but I will add Brianne’s company, Ethique to my list Well done her for caring so much about the environment. Deena Harding, Cambridgeshire.

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