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Uddiyana kriya on The kanda (source of the nadi) is shaped like a bird s egg and located between the genitals and the navel. There are ten major nadi and ten vital airs. Ida, pingala and susumna all carry the prana. The jiva is kept in constant motion by the pull of prana then apana. Benefits from applying the three main bandhas (locks): mula, jalandhara and uddiyana, are described, not least of which is the restriction of the flow of nectar (the water of nabhas or the ethereal region). The kechard and yonimudras prevent the loss of semen, essential for immortality, even at the point of entering the vaginal cavity (one of the few indications in these texts of the actual rather than symbolic applications of the teachings). Varaha This Upanisad seems clearly composite, with the final chapter (ch. Uddiyana kriya 2016.

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