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Uddiyana bandha yoga on If this were the case then purusa would have to give up his omniscience for an omniscient purusa would always have prakrti in his sight. The idea of creation being for the release of the purusa is also problematic on another count. Karika 62 tells us that no one is bound, no one is released and no one transmigrates. Only prakrti is bound, transmigrates and is released. If this is so, prakrti s actions could only be for her own benefit, for purusa clearly does not need the creation for anything and is unable to experience either benefit or detriment. In terms of practice, Samkhya is perhaps best described as advocating a form of jnana yoga. The method for gaining knowledge is to replace one s everyday perceptions and understandings of the world with those outlined in the Samkhya scheme until the point is reached where all modifications of prakrti are experienced as being other than oneself. Uddiyana bandha yoga 2016.

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