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Types of yoga on In experiments using the Wason Test, they showed that people s ability to solve Wason s simple puzzle when it was presented in an abstract form, using just numbers and letters, was poor. Only about 10% succeeded. When the same puzzle was presented as a social scenario involving cheaters the success rate soared to around 75%.78 And that s not all. There is some evidence to suggest that people will incur costs to themselves in order to punish cheaters. The primary motivator behind such behaviour seems to be anger, which Dunbar79 links to a violation of our sense of fairness and Cameron-Bandler and Lebeau, working within a psychotherapeutic/personal development frame, understand to be communicating a sense that one needs to do something to stop the abuse of your well being, or to prevent it in the future.80 Cheater detection, a sense of fairness and justice, if not full adaptations, come close to being human universals, not least because social life would be much more precarious without them. Types of yoga 2016.

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