The types of food and drink to avoid with fatty liver

Fatty liver has become one of the most common liver disorders these days. Unfortunately, based on studies, there is a strong connection between the current lifestyle of people and this disease. Most people nowadays have an inactive lifestyle; their days are usually spent on their desks with just little body movements. Aside from that, due to really busy schedules people usually have, they usually tend to eat fast or junk foods that contain lots of fat and less nutrients. These lifestyle practices can lead to the accumulation of fat in the liver, which, in turn, causes other health problems like obesity. When a person is detected to have fatty liver, one of the most important things he or she should do is to change his or her eating habits. And to make sure that the fatty liver disease is reversed, it would also be helpful to stick to an exercise routine that can help bring back the body weight to its normal levels. This will help the liver regain its normal functions. There are kinds of food that someone with fatty liver should ultimately avoid. A lot of these products are consumed on a daily basis, so it is important for a person with this disease to know which food groups are good or bad for the liver.

Here are the types of food that should be avoided:

High-fat foods

A fatty liver will find it hard to break excess fats. This is the reason why eating foods rich in unhealthy fats should be avoided or only eaten in small amounts. In addition, foods that are high in fat, can make you gain more weight, which can worsen the state of your liver. Thus, keep in mind that you need to avoid eating deep fried food, baked food, and dairy products. Eating foods that are rich in saturated fats should also be completely avoided. You should refrain from consuming meat, especially red meat.

High-glycemic foods

Having fatty liver disease will prevent you from indulging in foods that have high amounts of natural sugars. Eating sugary foods or those rich in carbohydrates can increase the level of your blood sugar, which will negatively affect your liver’s health. The foods that you have to avoid are potatoes, white breads, watermelons, raisins, bananas, white rice, ice cream, corn products, chocolate, and yogurts.

Processed grains

Having a fatty liver will require you to indulge in whole grains instead of processed grains. Whole grains contain more nutrients and fiber, which can better control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


If you already have fatty liver, make sure to avoid alcohol completely. Even minimal or moderate amounts can add to the build up of fat in your liver and when they go beyond the normal limits, they will cause your liver to enlarge, which, over time, will scar the tissues. Drinking alcohol will hinder the flow of blood to the liver, which causes the healthy cells to die and permanent damage. Therefore, if you are already a sufferer of this disease, make sure to avoid any consumption of alcohol.

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To make it easier, before buying food products, check whether the products are highly processed, if they are, leave them and do not buy them. If you are used to eating junk food, you might find it extremely hard to give up the foods that you love. This is normal for people who had to change their eating habits from unhealthy to healthy. But if they were able to be successful with the alteration of their eating habits, then you will too.

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