Types of fatty liver

There are several types of fatty liver disease. Here are the 4 types:

Non-alcoholic fatty liver. NAFL is a result of the liver having difficulty metabolizing the fats in the body. This causes an accumulation of fat in the liver tissue. As implied by the name, this type has nothing to do with alcohol, and is diagnosed when 10 percent or more of the liver weight is fat.

Alcoholic fatty liver. This type of disease is the first stage of liver disease, which is alcohol related. The liver becomes damaged by repeated drinking and is restricted from functioning properly. If the sufferer does not consume alcohol for a while, for about 6 weeks, the liver will eventually heal itself. But if the sufferer continues to drink, it will cause recurrent damage to the liver and result to cirrhosis.

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. When there is already an excess of fat in the liver, it will enlarge and it will become inflamed. This type of fatty liver disease can seriously hamper the functions of the liver. The symptoms that are usually associated with this type are reduced appetite, vomiting, nausea, yellowing of the nails and skin, and abdominal pain. If it is untreated, this type can cause permanent damage to the liver, which will result in liver failure and eventually death.

Acute fatty liver due to pregnancy. This is a very rare complication that occurs during pregnancy that is life threatening. If a pregnant woman has a fatty liver, the symptoms will start to show in the 3rd trimester and she will experience continual vomiting and pain in her right abdomen, malaise, and jaundice. Pregnant women should always be checked for this condition. Fortunately, after delivery, the symptoms, as well as the disease go away.

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