Great to use once a week for maximum condition. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and comb through to the ends, have a good wash and all should be shiny!

Corinne Blum is a certified Life Coach & Relationship Expert

The negative effects ill-fitting shoes have on our bodies can range from bad posture to bad circulation. These effects are something shoemaker Ruth Emily Davey pays particular consideration to when designing her made to measure shoes.

R E D Shoes are handmade and designed to reflect the true form of the feet, which improves stance and prevents mobility issues. The footwear comes in range of colours, and styles from sandals to rope soles. Each pair is made uniquely to fit the individuals requirements. The design uses heraldic fabric and soft, full-grain. Italian leathers making for comfortable, fully repairable shoes. R.E.D shoes are all about improving the body, from the ground up. For more information please visit

Maintaining an active lifestyle during a pregnancy can be difficult, and finding clothes that support and adapt with a changing body is no easy task. Fitta Mamma has risen to the challenge in creating a unique line of active maternity wear, designed to support women who continue exercising during their pregnancy.

All clothing in the line features a super-stretchy fabric that accommodates activity while flattering the bodies changing shape. This collection includes a range of tops which expand as your bump grows and leggings, with supportive waist panels that reduce discomfort.

The stylish range embraces the body and allows women to feel supported in any activity, from prenatal yoga to a brisk run. This is Fitta Mamma’s gentle support top which is designed for low impact activities such as pregnancy yoga and Pilates. £32.99 available from fittamamma.com or email support0fittamamma.com


Getting the little ones dressed in the morning is no small task. However, Little Punk London have found a new way to make getting dressed a playful and interactive activity. The ethical, London based team designs a range of stick on and play t-shirts.

Each t-shirt includes a variety of stickers that can be re-attached, for a new look every time they are worn. The line, designed for ages 0-12, produces all clothes in the UK and injects a playful nature into the daily task of getting dressed.

One of our favourites is the ‘Numbers and Symbols’ t-shirt which comes with stick on numbers and mathematical symbols. It’s not only a stylish t-shirt but also a great way to practise sums. £34.99 available from littlepunklondon.com

Wearpanda is a unique brand built upon the idea of influencing and inspiring change for the better. The company produces a line of beautifully, handcrafted sunglasses made from sustainable bamboo. As well as being stylish and environmentally friendly, this line, in partnership with the Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Programme, offer the gift of vision. For every pair of sunglasses sold, Wearpanda provides prescription glasses or medical treatment to those in need. The brand aims to change the social and ethical role of sunglasses and has become one of this years fashion must haves. Wearpanda glasses come in a range of styles to suit all face shapes. These are Wearpanda s Kennedy sunglasses, which are ideal for a strong and sophisticated look. £78.39 available from wearpanda.com

JASON Son Care has been formulated to provide water-resistant broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, which has passed in-vitro spectrum testing in an accredited independent laboratory.

Non-greasy, easily absorbed formulas that offer long-lasting protection for all the family.

Also available from JASON are highly concentrated Aloe Vera aftersun products to soothe, protect and repair even the most sensitive of skins.

There’s no doubt you’ll have heard the term core strength’ many times, but how much do you really know about it?

In yoga, the core is both a physical and an energetic space: the body’s central muscles, and the lower three chakras. If you want to improve your posture, digestion and confidence, the core is the area to focus on.

The core muscles are those of the mid-section of the body: the abdominals and obliques, the hip and pelvic muscles including the pelvic floor, and the muscles that control movement in the lower back. Developing a strong core is essential for correct alignment in both asana practice and everyday activities; it stabilises the spine and sacroiliac joint (preventing lower-back pain), and promotes good balance. Exercising the deep muscles of the mid-section also improves digestion, massaging the digestive organs and stimulating the pancreas.

The chakras (energy centres) located in the core are: Muladhara, associated with grounding and security; Svadhistana, connected with sensuality and appetite and Manipura. linked with self-identity and acceptance. Maintaining a good flow of prana (energy) through the core will keep these energy centres balanced and improve emotional wellbeing.

Strengthening the core brings many benefits, so you’re lucky that, by embracing your bandhas. you can work on this area in every single asana! Muladhara bandha (keeping the pelvic floor engaged and lifted), and Uddiyana Bandha (engaging the abdominal region and drawing the belly button inwards and upwards) both activate the deep muscles of the core.

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