Tummy Exercises After Pregnancy

Tummy Exercises After Pregnancy

Health Bars

You must follow some general guidelines for health bars. They must be nutritionally complete, which means that they should contain protein (10%- 20%), fat (10%-20%), carbohydrates (60%-80%), most vitamins and minerals, and at least 2 grams of fiber for every 100 calories.

Phase 1: While You Are Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight

Since most people are addicted to sugar, we recommend that the first food bars you eat have some sugar content. These include the following brands: Clif Builder’s (270 calories), Clif (240 calories), Golean’ (270 calories), and Luna (170 calories). If you prefer natural and organic foods, the best choices are cold-compressed raw bars. These brands include Attune’ (100 calories), Organic Food Bars (300 calories), Perfect Foods Bars (283 calories), and Larabar’ (190 calories).

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When your sugar cravings subside, you can switch to sugarless bars, which include the following brands: Atkins’ Advantage (240 calories), South Beach Diet (210 calories), and thinkThin (240 calories).

Phase 2: While You Are Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight Proportions

After you have achieved your Ideal Body Weight, you should start to reduce your consumption of commercial bars except for convenience and occasional cravings. Most of your snacks should now consist of bread, yogurt with fruit, or fresh fruit with nuts.

Phase 3: Maintaining Your Ideal Body Weight Proportions

After you have achieved your Ideal Body Weight Proportions, you should eliminate your consumption of commercial bars and replace them with bars of your own making. These should consist of six ingredients: any kind of nut for crunchiness (30% by calories); dried fruit that still has a little bit of moisture for bonding (50%); dark chocolate with only traces of milk for flavor (5%); protein powder (5%); fiber (5%), and flax seeds (5%). If you decide not to use chocolate or any other ingredient, increase the calorie percentage of fruits. For convenience, your bars should contain in calories 150% of your Ideal Body Weight in pounds. For example, if your Ideal Body Weight is 110 pounds, your bar should contain 165 calories. The best way to do this is to mix 1,650 calories worth of ingredients in a food processor, and then divide the mass into ten equal bars.

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