Top 5 Inversion Yoga Poses Vashistha Yoga

Come into a democracy honest on palms shoulder-width apart lift your hips and keep your knee banded shoulder press fix your gaze as one fine while inhale jump to handstand position keep your name and at first head lifted and with your eyes success in one point slowly slowly keep your legs straight toes pointed try to balance on your fingers and make your brain more comfort slowly come back again in atomic Ashwin arson new ban and relax place your forearms on the mat with hip-width apart right leg lifts and fix your gauge at one point inhale and both leg stretch try to lift your shoulder blades and toes pointed keep engage your abdominal and relax each and every joint and muscles more even in soft breath slowly one leg down. And then other one knee ban and relaxing.

But lesson now bless your forearm on the floor with your elbow directly under with your solder. And then interlock your finger place your head on the floor between your hand strengthen your leg and walk your feet closer to your head gently lift your leg up into hellish tense situation keep the solar lifted while engaging your abdominal or just keep pointed and deep slow breathing continue, if you want to change your hand erection, if you feel comfort you can change other voyagers each day in same position and trying to relax all surrounding muscle near your neck.

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And solder while exhale come down and rest your head on the floor for the minute in below crashing child pose just relax now be ready for servin gasma lie down on your back with leg strained and hand side to your body bumps on the matter while inhale slowly lifts leg apart relax Hale place him on back as close to solder as possible walk elbow in towards each other chin to chest those pointy complete support your back with arms and hands keep relax your face and fix your gaze on big toes while coming down slowly drop your legs hips gently on the floor exhale completely and leg relaxed on mad now be ready for counter position place your hands under your time in hand lift your chest head exhale place your crown of the head on the mat eyes closed Matheson is a counterbalance of serving asthma after five to a trade Lola came back in be ready for beverage Kermie now come close to a wall or a tree as I am doing here now sit your hips against the wall and roll onto your back taking your legs up the wall or tree your hips should be pressing as close to the wall as you can fit hip-width apart palms facing toward ceiling keep your body in relaxed position while bring your mind towards incoming and outgoing breath. And just be relaxed here you stay 5 to 10 minute or as comfort as possible now bring your feet together. And your knees. And come down turn left side and sit in sukh Asana keep your spine straight and watch your several braids and relax you.

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